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What is the scariest novel based in a workplace?

Mike Wade asks “What is the scariest novel based in a workplace?” and suggests Moby Dick. The scene in which Ishmael realizes that he is stuck in a vast expanse of ocean on a whaling ship captained by a mad man with unquestioned authority still gives me the chills. Strictly speaking, I’d have to go […]

Dot Com 2.0: The Revenge

Interesting article: A Boom Time for Education Start-Ups The dollar amounts mentioned in this article are impressive. The growth even more so. But what is particularly interesting is the formula. Start with a large bowl of fresh Internet Add 10 years of Moore’s Law seasoned hardware advances (broadband, wifi, “stuff in the cloud”) Add millions […]

Vicarious Learning Assignment

If you’re of the opinion password protecting your smartphone (or dumb phone, for that matter) is a nuisance, go read this article: Most Finders of Lost Smartphones Are Snoops These are pretty compelling statistics in favor or securing your smartphone. And this experiment only involved smartphones that were “lost”. It is a safe assumption that […]