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SQL Tip: Running Totals with Multiple Joins

Here’s one for the geeks. I had need to collect a running total in SQL. There are plenty of good examples for how to do this when the records are in a single table. But there were few examples (that I could find) for how to do this involving joins on multiple tables. In my […]

Stress Test for Professionals

This stress test has been floating around the Intertubes for quite a few years. The picture at the link below shows two identical dolphins. It was used in a case study on stress levels at Harvard/Yale/Mayo Clinic/Oxford/Cambridge/Etc. Look at both dolphins jumping out of the water. The dolphins are identical. A closely monitored, scientific double […]

Blog Haiku #33

A conversation. More than words, sounds in the air. Hands, elbows, and nods. Related PostsBlog Haiku #35 Blog Haiku #34 Blog Haiku #32 Blog Haiku #31 Blog Haiku #30

Donation Supported Online Education Opportunity From Hillsdale College

Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution Hillsdale has an outstanding reputation for topics such as this. Topics for each of the 10 weeks: Introduction: The American Mind The Declaration of Independence The Problem of Majority Tyranny Separation of Powers: Preventing Tyranny Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government Religion, Morality, and Property Crisis […]

QA and Testing – The Importance of Being Thorough

QA and testing is not easy. Those who do it well deserve good pay. Those who don’t, can make life interesting for a company in unpleasant and embarrassing ways. Case in point: I subscribe to a company, called HomeAgain, which provides lost pet recovery services for people who have micochiped their pets. It’s inexpensive and […]

A Modest Proposal: Credential Repossession

“Ignorance of a law is no excuse,” a judge might admonish, “for having broken a law.” But apparently, ignorance of the contractual agreements one signs is an excuse for not fulfilling the terms of the contract. For those of us paying taxes, the various financial bailouts of the past several years have left us paying […]

Gone Phishing

“Trust, but verify,” goes the old saying. Fished, no doubt, from the same pool of wisdom that includes “caveat emptor” and a school of other supposedly common sense quips that nobody seems to follow when it counts. When it comes to critters that land in our inboxes, the smart practice would be to “Distrust until […]

What It Takes to Complete a College Degree Online: Self-discipline

The degree of requisite self-discipline while pursuing an online degree is considerable. It must be consistent and it must encompass several interrelated areas: time availability, commitments and obligations, and financial responsibilities. That an online learner needs to have the self-discipline to park themselves in front of a computer and concentrate on an assignment is an […]