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Susannah Breslin

The thing about RSS feeds from individual blogs is that patterns can be noticed which suggest a blogger may be in the zone, on vacation, or whatever. One of the feeds I subscribe to is Susannah Breslin’s and I noticed not much activity had been coming across the wire from her blog of late. I […]

Teaching, Redefined

I’ve encountered, many times, references to teaching as an “art” in the courses that are part of CSU’s Online Teaching and Learning Masters program. Most often, these references occur in the discussion forums. This isn’t a particularly useful or accurate way to think about the profession. Its self-limiting and implies the profession can only be […]

Research Citation Lifespan – II

In a previous post, I made the following point regarding the downside of arbitrarily placing a five year expiration date on research citations: Depending how you look at it, The Five Year Rule either exacerbates or supports the “publish or parish” death march. If research work has a shelf life of five years before its […]

Research Citation Lifespan

Made an interesting discovery recently regarding research citations. Apparently, all research has an expiration date…sort of. As originally presented in my Masters program at CSU Global, citing research older than five years would not be viewed very favorably by the Thesis Committee. Specifically, the professor offered this in the discussion forum: “Always strive to obtain […]