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Vicarious Learning Assignment

If you’re of the opinion password protecting your smartphone (or dumb phone, for that matter) is a nuisance, go read this article: Most Finders of Lost Smartphones Are Snoops These are pretty compelling statistics in favor or securing your smartphone. And this experiment only involved smartphones that were “lost”. It is a safe assumption that […]

Gone Phishing

“Trust, but verify,” goes the old saying. Fished, no doubt, from the same pool of wisdom that includes “caveat emptor” and a school of other supposedly common sense quips that nobody seems to follow when it counts. When it comes to critters that land in our inboxes, the smart practice would be to “Distrust until […]

Delayed transfer of learning

While researching this weeks’ discussion topic in my Masters program, I came across a recent LA Times article that made me think about, for lack of a better phrase, the intentional delay of transfer of learning. Roan (2011) summarizes, For more than a decade, California and other states have kept their newest teen drivers on […]