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Creativity Under Pressure

[In the fall of 2013, I completed a course on Coursera titled “Creativity, Innovation, and Change” presented by Drs. Jack V. Matson, Kathryn W. Jablokow, and Darrell Velegol at Pennsylvania State University. It was an excellent class. At the end, they invited the class (How many tens of thousands of us?) to submit short essays […]

From Gamification to Simulation: Enhancing the Transfer of Learning

Each year brings to the business world a new swarm of buzzwords. Many are last year’s buzzwords, humming the same tune at a different pitch, fighting to find new life in the buzzword-eat-buzzword business world. Others are new arrivals from beyond the information horizon. I caught one of the new ones in my net earlier […]

Textbook Disruption

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the educational and trade publisher in Boston, has entered the process for filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In an e-mail to employees, Linda K. Zecher, the president and chief executive of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, promised that day-to-day business would continue as usual, calling the reorganization “positive news.” A shift from “desperate” to “grim” […]

Of Diamonds, Lamborghinis, and Liberal Arts Degrees

I’ve been thinking about how a broad based liberal education might be viewed in the future – basically, as a luxury. Knowledge stability in many professions, particularly those based on technology, change faster and faster every year. In the past 25 years worth of computer experience, I’ve learned and forgotten a couple dozen computer programming […]

Forward to the Past

Medieval university, from Wikipedia: Initially medieval universities did not have a campus. Classes were taught wherever space was available, such as churches and homes. A university was not a physical space but a collection of individuals banded together as an universitas. Virtual Universities – the new midieval. Who knew?

Dot Com 2.0: The Revenge

Interesting article: A Boom Time for Education Start-Ups The dollar amounts mentioned in this article are impressive. The growth even more so. But what is particularly interesting is the formula. Start with a large bowl of fresh Internet Add 10 years of Moore’s Law seasoned hardware advances (broadband, wifi, “stuff in the cloud”) Add millions […]

Donation Supported Online Education Opportunity From Hillsdale College

Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution Hillsdale has an outstanding reputation for topics such as this. Topics for each of the 10 weeks: Introduction: The American Mind The Declaration of Independence The Problem of Majority Tyranny Separation of Powers: Preventing Tyranny Separation of Powers: Ensuring Good Government Religion, Morality, and Property Crisis […]

What It Takes to Complete a College Degree Online: Self-discipline

The degree of requisite self-discipline while pursuing an online degree is considerable. It must be consistent and it must encompass several interrelated areas: time availability, commitments and obligations, and financial responsibilities. That an online learner needs to have the self-discipline to park themselves in front of a computer and concentrate on an assignment is an […]

What It Takes to Complete a College Degree Online: Technology

Participating in an extended online education program isn’t for everyone. It takes a special discipline and high degree of self-motivation. Neither is the tuition necessarily less expensive than traditional brick-and-mortar classroom education. The advantages are much greater flexibility with time and a far greater choice of educational providers. A potential learner can literally select degree […]

Hurdle Cleared

Looks like I made it. From the unofficial transcript: This means a 4.0 for the program. According to my academic adviser, today is my official graduation date. The graduation ceremony is in April, 2012.