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What It Takes to Complete a College Degree Online: Self-discipline

The degree of requisite self-discipline while pursuing an online degree is considerable. It must be consistent and it must encompass several interrelated areas: time availability, commitments and obligations, and financial responsibilities. That an online learner needs to have the self-discipline to park themselves in front of a computer and concentrate on an assignment is an […]

What It Takes to Complete a College Degree Online: Technology

Participating in an extended online education program isn’t for everyone. It takes a special discipline and high degree of self-motivation. Neither is the tuition necessarily less expensive than traditional brick-and-mortar classroom education. The advantages are much greater flexibility with time and a far greater choice of educational providers. A potential learner can literally select degree […]

Hurdle Cleared

Looks like I made it. From the unofficial transcript: This means a 4.0 for the program. According to my academic adviser, today is my official graduation date. The graduation ceremony is in April, 2012.