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From Gamification to Simulation: Enhancing the Transfer of Learning

Each year brings to the business world a new swarm of buzzwords. Many are last year’s buzzwords, humming the same tune at a different pitch, fighting to find new life in the buzzword-eat-buzzword business world. Others are new arrivals from beyond the information horizon. I caught one of the new ones in my net earlier […]

Farming as a Metaphor for Workplace Culture

Michael Wade has an interesting post considering how non-agricultural workplaces can resemble farms. Workplace cultures are in large part a reflection of the underlying metaphor driving the organization, whether by design or chance. When much younger, I used and advocated the “business is war” metaphor. I have been much more successful (and much less stressed) […]

What, More Gruel?!?

A question came up in conversation yesterday whether or not universities and colleges “should” provide a broad based liberal education and mandate certain courses. The libertarian (lower case “L”) part of my conscience hollered “No!” It implies students are incapable of determining their own futures and deciding for themselves what is of interest. Establishing class […]

Of Diamonds, Lamborghinis, and Liberal Arts Degrees

I’ve been thinking about how a broad based liberal education might be viewed in the future – basically, as a luxury. Knowledge stability in many professions, particularly those based on technology, change faster and faster every year. In the past 25 years worth of computer experience, I’ve learned and forgotten a couple dozen computer programming […]

On the Other Side

Submitted my Masters thesis yesterday. Today is the first day in over two years without some school related deadline looming. The final grade won’t land for a week or two. After it does, I’ve plenty of blog fodder for these pages from the experience of hacking out a Masters degree from CSU-Global. There’s good, there’s […]

A Return to Blogging

You might think this post would show up as the very first one. But then, you’d be mistaken. Life is sloppy, even when it goes well. I’ve been away from blogging for a little more than three years. The previous experience was an unabashed and fully disclosed experiment, a space for creativity, a “space where […]