Essential Graphics #1

The Lack of Insight Edition

In 1949, John Gurden received the following biology report card from his professor at Eton College:

Sir John Gurdon, Nobel Prize winner, was 'too stupid' for science at school

“His other work has been equally bad, and several times he has been in trouble, because he will not listen, but will insist on doing his work in his own way.”

He was 15, and ranked last in his class of 250. What ever happened to John Gurdon?

He was this year’s co-recipient of the Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. In the end, Dr. Gurdon’s 1949 report card reflects the inadequacies of the teacher, not the student. In this case, the student succeeded in spite of, not as a result of, the teachers efforts. One is left to wonder, how often this happens and how many students remain lost, never finding their way.

Exit question: How will you teach today?