Vicarious Learning Assignment

If you’re of the opinion password protecting your smartphone (or dumb phone, for that matter) is a nuisance, go read this article:

Most Finders of Lost Smartphones Are Snoops

These are pretty compelling statistics in favor or securing your smartphone. And this experiment only involved smartphones that were “lost”. It is a safe assumption that targeted devices are more thoroughly explored.

Most Finders of Lost Smartphones Are Snoops

So, is your smartphone password protected?

Ten years ago, my PDA (Palm) and cell phone were separate devices. Both of them were password protected. The nuisance part was having two separate devices. When my phone was accidentally lost, there was no anxiety with someone perusing my contacts – certainly not in the time frame in which I called the carrier and had them zap the phone from afar. With the evolution of smartphones, life got a little more convenient if for no other reason than I now had essentially single sign-on capabilities to my phone, contacts, and notes.