A Return to Blogging

You might think this post would show up as the very first one. But then, you’d be mistaken. Life is sloppy, even when it goes well.

I’ve been away from blogging for a little more than three years. The previous experience was an unabashed and fully disclosed experiment, a space for creativity, a “space where I could hone my writing skills and maybe even spark a little dialogue.” Personally, it was that and much, much more. The last three years have been for reflecting on that experience and setting a new course following the death of my first wife in 2005. In the past three years, I’ve returned to school for a Masters (set to graduate in December), held several senior and executive IT jobs, and remarried. More than just re-engineering my career, I’ve re-engineered my entire approach to life. With renewed optimism and focus, the world once again looks to be a shiny place.

The focus for Hobo Kore Dojo will be business, management, technology, education, learning, and individual/team performance in technical environments. The goal is to build this into a collaborative space for sharing ideas related to these topics.

Thank you for dropping in. Please, stay awhile and comment on what you find…