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Creativity Under Pressure

[In the fall of 2013, I completed a course on Coursera titled “Creativity, Innovation, and Change” presented by Drs. Jack V. Matson, Kathryn W. Jablokow, and Darrell Velegol at Pennsylvania State University. It was an excellent class. At the end, they invited the class (How many tens of thousands of us?) to submit short essays […]

Collaboration and Code Authorship Credits

In their book “Team Geek”, Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman make the following valid point: The tradition of putting your name at the top of your source code is an old one (heck, both of us have done it in the past [GE: As have I.]), and may have been appropriate in an age where […]

Blog Haiku #35

See the badges shine! Points! The leaderboard I climb! Empty achievement.

Blog Haiku #34

Sound piercing silence. Echoes clarify the cry. Defining the edge.

Blog Haiku #33

A conversation. More than words, sounds in the air. Hands, elbows, and nods.

Blog Haiku #32

In any wise, success. Wise man, sitting deep in thought. Why’s the carpet wet?

Blog Haiku #31

A weight falls away. Gazing to the horizon I see new burdens.

Blog Haiku #30

With ideas in mind. Fingers glide across the keys. Form and fact blending.

Frameworks, theoretically speaking…

Theoretical frameworks are defined by what they do. To understand this it can be helpful to first consider a physical framework and the ways such a structure can be applied to solving problems in the physical world. In this way, it is easier to understand how frameworks can add value to a proposed solution as […]

Susannah Breslin

The thing about RSS feeds from individual blogs is that patterns can be noticed which suggest a blogger may be in the zone, on vacation, or whatever. One of the feeds I subscribe to is Susannah Breslin’s and I noticed not much activity had been coming across the wire from her blog of late. I […]